Posted by: Cathy | November 3, 2009


So…  I get a letter in the mail on Saturday from USCIS that says there is a problem with my home study and they will not OK me to adopt until it is fixed.  It seems that the social worker who did my home study report left out a few important details, and someone noticed.  I guess I should be glad that it was caught early on, and it can be corrected (hopefully quickly), but the fact that it has to be corrected at all – is really, really frustrating for me…  This person took forever to write this report!  It was promised to me by a certain date on 3 different occasions – and was only delivered on the 3rd promise…  It’s frustrating to have to rely on other people in this process, and to have them repeatedly come up short for you.  But, since I can’t do it without them, I will have to try and get beyond that…  Motivational factor right now is knowing that in just a few short days I will be able to be with Delmace for a whole week!  It would be so much easier if I could just smuggle him home with me in my suitcase…  This picture is from my trip in August – he climbed in on his own on my last night…  He was supposed to be helping me pack – I like the way he thinks!

Delmace in suitcase



  1. my friend just got this same letter. We have the same social worker so she called me to give me a heads up on getting this info from our social worker prior to doing the USCIS application. It didn’t take her very long to get us the info for the “addendum”. I’m assuming its the same letter…who did you go thru for your homestudy? We went thru Bethany Christian Services…

  2. Have a wonderful time in Haiti with your son. We too are adopting from Haiti. She is 2. Our file is in the IBESR almost 9 months now. We are hoping daily for news that it has moved to the next stage. The waiting has been hard, some days more so than others. Yesterday was one of those hard days. We have 3 bio children. They are all in school and I’m alone at home. My baby is in 1st grade. I NEED my little girl home with me! So happy for everyone that opens their hearts to adopting. I was adopted 40 years ago…what a blessing!

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