Posted by: Cathy | November 16, 2009

Home Again…

Arrived home late, late last night after a long travel day.  Leaving Delmace was just as hard as it always is – it’s the worst part of the trip…  No matter how wonderful our time together is, it’s always there – lurking, the knowing that I have to go home, and that I have to leave him behind.   When I was packing on Saturday morning, he watched me very intently…  He had picked up this toy airplane on the way back to our room after breakfast – I have no idea where it came from, it was just lying on a table and it caught his eye.  He was sitting on the floor playing with it -opening & closing the door, lowering the stairs, and as I finished packing, he pushed the airplane aside, grabbed his little backpack, and said he wanted to go on the “avion” (airplane) with me.  I had Renee explain to him that I had to go and he had to stay at Wings right now – but I would be back soon, and he could cross off the days on his countdown calendar.  He didn’t cry, he didn’t protest, he didn’t say anything – he just sat there – and it broke my heart.

Here’s some more photos from the trip:


Delmace and I just hanging out


My brother, Joe & "the boys" - Delmace, Jozye, and David


"Little Papi" cruising in his wheelchair


Me & D


Delmace playing on my computer - he loved "Tux Paint"


Jozye and Delmace - jamming 🙂


Goodbye kisses...

I love you, Little Man – and I miss you so much already.  Keep crossing off those days on your calendar – I will be back soon – I promise.  And someday, I won’t have to leave you – you will be able to go on the avion with me, and we will come home together.  Until then – sweet dreams, and remember – Mama Cathy loves you so much.



  1. Hi Ms Mayo
    Its Zach – I know how hard it must be for you not to bring Delamace home. I can’t wait to meet Delmace in person – I want to visit you guys so soon – i think its awesome that you are adopting –

    We can’t wait to meet you Delmasse in person!!!!!!!!

    We love you already Love Zach tell your class i miss them.

  2. Hey Cathy,

    I know its hard every time you have to leave little D behind. However, you must remember that everyday you both cross out the numbers in the calendar, it not only marks the days till you see each other once again. It also marks off the days till he’s permanently with you–one step closer to bringing him to his home with you. I’m sure Delmace can understand that in some ways. You should be very happy that he wasn’t crying because that means that he trust that you will back back; that is a powerful bond between mother and child.

    Anyways, thank you for sharing this with us. Hopefully I will see you soon and we can talk more about this trip.


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