Posted by: Cathy | November 29, 2009

Maybe Next Year…

D's "Home & Family" photo album

As Thanksgiving weekend comes to a close – and we inch ever closer to Christmas, I can’t help but wish that Delmace was here with me during this holiday season…   This is the first Christmas that he is my son – and yet I can’t share any of what I love most about this season with him.  The decorations, the music, the stupid TV Christmas specials – I love all of that stuff…  Making holiday cookies, opening holiday cards, wrapping presents – and leaving little surprises…  He has Christmas presents from me – I left them with Renee on my last trip, and I know he will have a wonderful holiday with all his friends and the staff at Wings…  But, I wish I could celebrate this season with him.  I’m thinking I will put 1 Christmas present for him under my tree.  I won’t open it – it will stay wrapped until the Christmas that he is here to unwrap it himself.  Maybe by next Christmas he will be home.

Me & D riding on the Plasma car



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