Posted by: Cathy | December 8, 2009

Good Book to Read…

Today I had Jury Duty…  It seems I get called to do this like clockwork – every 3 years…  I’ve actually sat on 3 juries (luckily, they were all only 1 day trials), but more often than not, I just end up sitting around the court house all day.  Today was a “sitting around” day…  Fortunately, I have learned to go armed with a slew of good reading material.  This is the book I was reading today:

I actually finished the whole book today (it’s only about 150 pages long).  I highly recommend this book!  For those of us who have been to Haiti, it is a testament to all the good work that is being done there by people (like the woman who wrote the book) who really “get it”.  For people who have never been to Haiti – or even thought about Haiti (or places like it), it would probably be an eye-opener…  Either way, it is well worth the read…

To find out more about the book, you can visit this website:



  1. I have this book on my stand to read soon. It just might be next now!

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