Posted by: Cathy | December 23, 2009

Christmas apart…

D's snowflake ornament on my tree

Yesterday was the big Christmas pageant and the Santa Claus party for the kids at Wings of Hope.  Today, the kids in my classroom had their holiday party at Cotting School (Santa showed up there as well), and tomorrow I will spend Christmas Eve with family in Connecticut.  Today Delmace also got to have some special holiday time with Renee and KC.  Renee had been keeping all of my gifts for him since November, and today he got to open them…

in his "sheep" costume at the Wings Holiday Pageant

looking like Santa...

I’ve got photos of him at the Wings pageant & party (and at the special holiday party last Sunday at St. Joe’s).  I’ve got photos of him getting ready for Christmas – shopping at the Wings gift fair, making holiday cookies, and trying on Santa hats.  And I’ve got photos of him opening gifts today.  There is a picture of him on my holiday card – and a greeting that says “from Boston & Haiti”.  There is also a photo of him hanging on my Christmas tree – in a little white, snowflake ornament frame.  I love all of the photos – and they help me to feel like I am sharing Christmas with him on some level… but I just wish things were different…

Delmace & Santa at the Wings Christmas party

gifts from Mama

listening to Mama's voice in his card...

Delmace has 1 present that is under my tree – I didn’t bring this one to Haiti.  I wanted to have a little piece of Christmas for him in Boston – in his new home – even though he’s not here yet.  This present will not be opened this year.  It will stay wrapped, and will get put away with all the Christmas stuff when I take the tree down.  It will only get unwrapped when he is here to do it himself.  The present is a Christmas story book.  I love Christmas books – I always give each student in my class a Christmas story book every year… This story is one of my favorites from when I was a child – in fact, I still have my childhood copy.  This is a new copy though – just for D, with a special message from me written inside the cover.  I hope that next Christmas I will be able to read the book (and the message) to him…  It will be one of his Christmas Eve presents. When I was a kid, we always got to open 1 or 2 presents on Christmas Eve – and I will do the same thing with Delmace.  If he’s not home by next Christmas, I think I will have to spend Christmas in Haiti…  I can’t do this again – it’s too hard.

D's present - my favorite Christmas story book...

Delmace & the St. Joe's tree


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