Posted by: Cathy | January 2, 2010

Kids Helping Others…

Happy 2010 to everyone!  and yes – I am going to call it “two thousand & ten” as the teacher in me just can’t get around the fact that “twenty ten” is wrong – for so many reasons…

With all the holiday hype behind us – and a year fresh with possibilities stretching out in front of me, I feel like I need to get organized and develop a new “action” plan to help keep me on track.  However, before I go there, I wanted to give some well-deserved “props” to the kids in my class (and the rest of the Lower School kids & teachers at Cotting School) for another very successful wrapping paper fundraiser.

I can't really post pictures of the kids' faces - but you can see the paper here, and how each image is stamped by hand...

For about the past 11 years, my kids have been creating & selling homemade holiday gift wrap, and then donating the proceeds to charity.  We originally started this project as a way to de-emphasize the commercialism of Christmas, and also to help the kids understand that everybody (even a kid with a disability) is capable of helping someone else…  Over the years, we have donated money to Globe Santa, Make a Wish Foundation, Greater Boston Food Bank, and Hearts with Haiti.  We try to do 2 charities each year – 1 local, and 1 more global.  This year, we sent $255 to Globe Santa and $295 to Hearts With Haiti.  This may not seem like a lot – but that money represents about 137 rolls of wrapping paper…  The rolls are approximately 10 feet long – and each roll is handmade!  The designs are all “stamped” on the paper by the kids using paint and special crafting stamps that we adapted (so they are easier to hold and manipulate).  It’s a lot of work – and a BIG time investment – but the results are well worth it…  Because of our kids, a family in the greater Boston area got to enjoy a holiday meal and presents that they wouldn’t have otherwise been able to afford, and the kids they have come to know & love as pen pals at Wings of Hope in Haiti will get to enjoy 4 weeks of their horseback riding program – and have another week’s worth of allowance funds available to them.  Cotting kids (and teachers) – you did GOOD!

The kids enjoy working together, and often "race" to see who can finish their respective side of the roll first!


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