Posted by: Cathy | January 10, 2010

My Little Red Sox Fan

Best piece of mail all week 🙂

This photo arrived in the mail yesterday…  I love it when Renee sends me these random photos!  This one was not taken by her though – she said a visitor had taken it and sent it to her, and she thought I’d like it. Of course she was right… Even though D’s not smiling, it’s still a great photo of him – and I love that he’s wearing one of his Red Sox shirts!  I wonder how many photos I have of him wearing Red Sox stuff?  I started to look through all my photos, and pulled out a few of my very favorites…

I think this was the first Sox shirt I ever brought him... June 2008

"Cool Dude or Tough Guy" July 2008

A sweet smile; February 2009

Sporting one of his many Sox caps! June 2009

"Little Papi" shirt - November 2009

There are many more “Sox stuff” photos – and yes, I am really hoping he will become a Sox fan because Mama loves the Sox and he will get to make many trips to Fenway to see them play…  I’m looking forward to the first time he gets to “run the bases” at Fenway on Mother’s Day; to his first Fenway frank; and his first encounter with a life-size Wally…  I hope he learns to love baseball (and the Red Sox) as much as I do – but, if he doesn’t, that’s OK too – as long as he doesn’t become a Yankees fan!

NOT a favorite photo! He didn't get this shirt from me, and as soon as I realized he had it on - I removed it! November 2009

I have this shirt for him instead - he'll get it on one of my next few trips...



  1. The Yankees shirt must have come from Dave!
    He’s trying to convert the poor kid even before he gets home!

    Love the Yankees Yuck shirt!
    Can’t wait for fist photos of D at Fenway!
    Kathy and Zach

  2. have you made contact with delmace’s orphanage?? Kemly’s orphanage is still standng as of last night. Waiting to hear if the aftershocks that happened all night long did any damage…


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