Posted by: Cathy | January 13, 2010


I’m sure you have all heard the news of the devastating earthquake in Haiti.  I got word yesterday that Delmace and the other kids at the home where he lives (Wings of Hope) are OK. They are all safe for now – but there was serious damage to whole back of their building (the area that houses all of the dorms and areas where they kids generally are).  Last night they were all huddled in one rather small room, near the front of the building.  The main home of this organization, St. Joseph’s Home for Boys, was not as lucky.  Their building in Petionville is a total loss, but thankfully, all of the boys survived.  We also got reports that at the 3rd home in Jacmel, the building is OK and everyone is safe. They are all scared, and we are worried about immediate needs – food, water, shelter, and also about the long term process of rebuilding.

Haiti is all over the news right now, and I’m sure you will get hit up by many organizations promising to help and asking for your money.  Please, please, please, give whatever you can – and please consider giving to the organization that supports Delmace’s home and the rest of the St. Joseph’s Family:

This is a desperate situation people – Haiti is depending on those of us who have, to help those who had little to start with – and now have lost so much…

Thank you for your help – and please pass this information on to your friends, families, and co-workers.

Photo of Delmace that I received yesterday afternoon - just hours before the earthquake... My heart aches to hold him right now...



  1. so glad to hear they are all okay. it’s so painful to know the circumstances our boys are in right now…

  2. You and Delmace, and the other children in Wings of Hope were the first thoughts we had this morning when we heard about the quake. Thank God for the internet – Tina found out immediately that Wings was ok. Our hearts and prayers are with you and Delmace, and all of the children and staff in Haiti. -Deb Smith

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