Posted by: Cathy | January 14, 2010

Everything Changes…

I expect that it is hard for people to process everything they are seeing on the news about Haiti…  The images are horrific.  The devastation is unimaginable. Watching the TV reports is hard – and yet, I cannot pull myself away.  I know these streets.  I have been to these places.  I have walked by these buildings, that are now just piles of rubble…  People around the world are watching (and hopefully responding) to this tragedy.  They are reaching out and sending aid, and helping millions of people they don’t know – and the people of Haiti will be forever grateful for this help. But for me, and many people that I know and work with, it’s different.  We know people here.  We have friends, family, loved ones who are living through this horror…

My son is in Haiti.

For me – those 5 words change everything.

He is not even 4 years old yet.  I can only imagine how scared he must be.  My first instinct is to want to be with him…  To protect and shelter him – but I can’t do that right now…  Being separated from him during the best of times is difficult – but now – with all of this… I don’t even know how to explain it… I just feel lost.  And I feel guilty.  I feel guilty that I can’t get to him…  I feel guilty that I have ready access to so many things that he needs right now… Things that we all take for granted – electricity, clean water, food, shelter, clothing, a soft bed – the list could go on and on…

My son, Delmace

I am scared for his health and safety. He has a physical disability – which already makes him vulnerable, and now – this…  I am scared for his friends – the other disabled kids at Wings of Hope, many of them much more fragile than he is…  I am scared for his extended family – the boys from St. Joseph’s Home for Boys, who were somehow spared when their 7 story home crashed to the ground and was reduced to a tangled wreck of concrete and metal…  I am scared for many, many, many Haitian friends who we have not heard from…  I am scared for other Haitian friends who are separated from their families and have had no updates on the status of loved ones…  And I am scared and worried about my American friends who are in Haiti, and are trying to care for my son and the other kids supported by their organization – and take care of their own needs on top of overwhelming responsibilities.

Haiti is hurting, people…  It has been hurting for a long, long time – but most of the world never noticed.  Please, please, please – I implore you to notice now!  Haiti needs money.  Haiti needs prayers. Haiti needs hope for the future. Haiti needs to continue to be noticed in the weeks and months and years to come…

What can you do right now?  You can be that hope…  Please consider donating money to Hearts with Haiti, the organization that supports the home where my son, Delmace, lives.  This is the link to their website: All the money they raise will go directly to earthquake relief efforts to help Delmace and his friends.  And – continue to pray – in whatever way you choose – to whatever God you pray to…  This is NOT about religion.  This is about people who desperately need our help if they are going to make it.  I need my son – and the other people I love and care about in Haiti – to make it.

This is a plea from a mother’s heart – please help my son.



  1. We continue to pray for you and your “baby” Delmace as Taylor has called him for the last two years. We will donate, but what will we do after the crisis ends. This had me thinking about Taylor’s Lazar, do you know if he is sponsored by anyone? This is something we would like to do to assist the children long term.

    Thanks so much for your posts. I read about your adoption journey today…oh how I remember those days I called my “morning sickness”…we look forward to a huge party (all Red Sox) when Delmace is home with his mama!!

  2. I found the sponsorship application on the Hearts with Haiti web site…sponsorship is about $1.00 a day…how awesome that we can make a differenc over time.

  3. Thanks so much, Kim, Dale, & Taylor…
    Lazar will be thrilled to know that Taylor is keeping him in her thoughts & prayers – and he’ll be so excited to hear that you all will be sponsoring him… I just got some photos of the kids since all of this happened, and I think I see Lazar in one of them – I will try to post them here soon… Thanks also for praying for Delmace – your support means a lot.

  4. Your story was forwarded to us in Ayer by Kerry Bremmer. Iwas surprised to see that it was you. I have been praying for the people of Haiti and will now specifically pray for you and your son. God’s blessings. Love, Kathy Smith ( worked 2 -3 years at Cotting)

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