Posted by: Cathy | January 14, 2010

Other Ways to Help…

Delmace and his pal, David... My sister, Sharon, and her husband sponsor David

I just heard that the website for Hearts With Haiti appears to be down…  I would assume it has received significantly more traffic than normal – which is very good because it means our efforts are working; but bad if people can’t get on to donate money…  These are the the links for 2 other agencies that support the 3 homes of the St. Joseph’s Family.  Money sent to either of these agencies will also go to help the homes where Delmace and the rest of these kids live:

Haitian Timoun Foundation (US):

Broken Wings Missions (Canada):

Also, I have several friends who attended a special meeting Wednesday evening with representatives and leaders of the Boston Haitian Community.  They are urging people to lobby our federal government for Temporary Protected Status for Haitian immigrants. “Temporary Protected Status” is currently extended to Somali and Sudanese immigrants and has also recently been granted to immigrants from some Central American countries. In each case, countries have been either ravaged by war or by natural disaster.

Haitians need similar protection. President Obama temporarily halted all deportations of Haitian immigrants. Now the federal government needs to take further action in the coming weeks by granting “Temporary Protected Status” to all Haitian immigrants. This will permit Haitian immigrants to stay in this country for 6-18 months.

We should not ask any of our immigrants to return to the island until the recovery has begun. This will only make the situation in Haiti worse.

Please let your congressman and senator know.

And please – keep sending your prayers to Haiti…  However you pray – whatever you believe in – just do it.  This is not about religion.  It is about people who need help – and hope… People like my son, and my friends.  They are all depending on us.

Me & Delmace - I love you, little man...


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