Posted by: Cathy | January 15, 2010

After the earthquake – Wings & St. Joe’s…

Not a lot of explanation needed – these photos kind of say it all…

My friend Renee's room... You can see Delmace's little backpack on the floor- and right next to it is the couch where he sat for an adoption meeting with the Judge from Kenscoff just hours before all of this... Who knows where that Judge-or those papers, are now...

The big basement classroom @ Wings - this part of the building is no longer safe...

crumbling walls & columns on one of the many ramps...

cracks in the ceiling @ Wings - this is where the "new" (unstable) part of the building is pulling away from the safe area...

outside the boys bathrooms - this also where the safe & unsafe areas meet...

Delmace being carried to safety - everyone is now in the very small area behind that wall he's in front of...

The front gate & entrance area @ St. Joseph's Home for Boys...

Looking up the street from inside the front gate at St. Joe's

Another shot of what's left of St. Joe's...

Inside St. Joe's - stairs to one of the upper levels...

The remains of the beautiful rooftop terrace

The Caribbean Market - a place where I have shopped many, many times

Another shot of the market - notice the shopping carts still lined up...

The St. Joe's boys leaving for Wings - with the few possessions they could salvage...

Looking at these photos brings even more tears to my eyes… But I just try to keep reminding myself how thankful I am that these beautiful kids – who I love so dearly – are all alive!  Like most of Haiti right now, they are hurting… They are broken, they are tired, they are scared, they are hungry…  But – they are also strong – and resilient…  I know this “family” – they are NOT quitters… They may have been knocked down – but they have faith – and they WILL rise again…  What they need most right now is our continued support – won’t you please consider donating to the relief efforts at “Hearts With Haiti”?

The small room where ALL the Wings & St. Joe's kids are now living... Tight, cramped quarters - but, do you notice the smiles???

They have NOT given up - please, let's remind others to NOT give up on them!



  1. Those photos are hearbreaking – as is the note that Cotting staff cannot travel to Wings in February.

    God bless the all the kids at Wings and St. Joe’s – we are grateful all are safe – Zach has been asking about D, some of the boys he knew at St. Joe’s, and KC.

    I wish people would understand that these kids who persevere over so much in there every day lives should be our role models and angels. I wish the average person could spend time at Cotting or Wings and see these kids for who they are – not their disabilities.

    The kids at Wings are even more inspirational to be who they are with many less resources than Zach and his peers.

    We continue to pray for all the kids and especially D. We hope you can be there soon to comfort him – he so needs his mama now!

    Kathy and Zach

  2. Cathy
    MaKenna and I were at the Mall last night and the Red Cross was there collecting for Haiti Earthquake relief. She immediately looked at me and asked for money. I gave her some money, she proudly walked over put the money in the bucket and said this is for KC because I love her. I was so proud of her.
    We then came home and made a donation on line to

    Thinking of you and praying for D, Wings of Hope and all the people in Haiti.

    Take care

    • Thanks for your prayers, Liz – and your support for Wings & St. Joe’s… and you should be proud of MaKenna – I’m going to make sure KC knows what she said…

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