Posted by: Cathy | January 15, 2010

Notre Maison Update…

Just heard via Twitter that ALL kids at Notre Maison orphanage survived!!!!!!  Thank God for information technology!!!



  1. Hey. I visited Notre Maison last year and got work yesterday that one of the children had died in the quake. Where did you get your information so I can get the truth?

  2. Wow, that would be terrible – I hope that you are wrong…
    I got my info from my adoption coordinator’s Twitter link:
    I’m not sure where she got it from…
    Where did you hear your info from?

    • Hi Cathy

      How do I go about adopting a child from Notre Maison orphange?

  3. I believe that my team leader has spoken with Miss Gertrude. But I pray that I am the mistaken one.

    Ps. If I hear more I’ll let you know.


    • Thanks – please do…

  4. My mom has been working with an adoption agency in Kentucky the last 2 years trying to get some of the kids from Notre Maison adopted. She spoke with Tammy from the the agency today and was told that Gertrude is hurt but alive but sadly her 13 yr old daughter is dead. They were unsure of status on all the children.

  5. so sad… do you know if any help has gotten to them yet? do they have food & water?

  6. Both homes at NM have collapsed, it is horrific and upsetting news

  7. Where are the NM kids now???
    St. Joseph Home (which I have connections to) also collapsed… the boys all got out – 2 injuries, but they will be OK… one guest staying there was not as lucky – he perished… Wings of Hope (where my son is) is also badly damaged – but has not collapsed… it’s all so scary

  8. My prayers are with the children of NM. I have been looking at the website for a number of years. With hope of going to Haiti next year to meet the children. My prayers and love go out to Gertrude the caretaker of the children. I am sooo sorry to hear about the loss of her daughter. What needs to be done to help the children.


  9. I’m not sure if any help has gotten to Notre Maison and no official word on any of the children that we have heard. We did find out yesterday that Gertrude’s daughter is actually alive. The information is so up and down that it’s hard to know what really is happening.

    • Thanks Amanda for the update.

  10. I would like to adopt a little boy name Jonathan, he was staying at Notre Maison orphanage. Can anybody give me information? Did anyone talk to Ms. Gertrude? Thanks.

  11. Hi everyone – I’m really not the person to answer your questions & I don’t have any more info on Notre Maison – I’ve never even visited there… I was initially looking for info because I knew someone who was trying to find them… If you’re on facebook, check out the profile/wall of this person – Mallery Thurlow. It appears that she is in Haiti & working to relocate these kids to safety… Her wall is open to even “non friends” – I suggest you ask her your questions…

  12. Can anyone tell me how to get in touch with Ms. Gertrude at Notre Maison? Thanks
    Leon, New York

    • Leon, once again – see my comment just above yours…
      I really don’t have any more info on this home… I’m not connected with them at all – I was just initially trying to find out if they were OK for someone else. I’d try connecting with Mallory (who I mentioned above) thru facebook – she seems to know Gertrude… or try reaching her through her website’s email:

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