Posted by: Cathy | January 17, 2010

Nightmares and Toilet-Training…

It’s been 5 days since life changed forever…  I continue to be so grateful that Delmace and all the kids of Wings and St. Joe’s have been spared – especially when I watch the news and see all the horrors flash across the screen.  I realize that in many ways, the kids at Wings are so much better off than many of the kids in other orphanages…  But that doesn’t surprise me – whenever I go to Haiti, I always say that.  I have the utmost trust that my American friends who work at Wings, and the Haitian staff – who refer to these kids as their “brothers and sisters”, are doing everything possible to keep them safe and healthy…  But still, I can’t help worrying.

Yesterday, I heard that he didn’t have a good night on Friday…  He woke up several times during the night screaming.  My friend Renee was sleeping next to him.  She said he was having nightmares…  I’m not surprised – I’m sure if I had been through all of this, I’d be having nightmares too…  I’m so glad Renee was there for him,  She held him and comforted him and somehow they got through the night.  I wish I could have done that for him…  I wish he wasn’t having nightmares.  I wish he was home.

Me & Delmace last August

Yesterday, I also heard that when he was getting changed, he asked to use the toilet – and then he really peed on it!  That made me so happy.  When I was in Haiti in November, I was trying to get him to do that.  We did have a few successes, but I was really planning on concentrating on this on my next visit.  I guess Delmace decided to start without me…  Maybe he was trying to surprise me – I’m not sure if I’d pick the aftermath of an earthquake to work on toilet-training…  But at least that made me feel a bit better.  I know he doesn’t understand everything that’s going on right now – but I’m sure he wonders why so much of the house is “off limits” now and why all the adults are stressed and nervous…

Although they may not be in immediate danger, how safe and healthy is it for 60+ people to all be living in one room?  They have food and water – for now…  But how long will it last?  They are all sleeping on mattresses on the floor, pushed close together…  They are worrying about the ominous rain clouds off in the distance, and wonder how a massive downpour will affect the already weakened building at Wings…  I mean, let’s be serious – this is not a good situation – and I’d do anything to get Delmace out of there…  I’m doing everything I can – but he’s still there.  And I can’t help but wonder if he’s thinking “Why isn’t Mama Cathy coming to get me?”…

I hope that someday he understands how hard I’ve been trying.

Wishing I could hold him right now...



  1. MaMa Cathy, God does not want us to worry or fear. Please try hard to keep a strong faith. I know Wings is the best place and help is coming. Renee KC and the others love those kids more than anything. I’m praying so hard for you stay strong. I’m going back to work tomorrow and may not get to tell you Happy Birthday. May the day hold the best of news for you. Stay positive! Love, Your friend thru WINGS, Melissa

  2. Wow…learning to use the toilet amongst an earthquake…what an awesome little boy!! It makes me smile!

    You and Delmace continue to be in our hearts and prayers!!

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