Posted by: Cathy | January 18, 2010

Me and D on New England Cable News (NECN)

Delamce & I - taken in June 2009, at La Villa Creole Hotel in Port au Prince

I was interviewed by NECN today, to tell the story of me & D – and hopefully get a few plugs in for Hearts With Haiti…  It is supposed to air @ 9:00 tonight, and then again @ 10:00 – after that it will be up on their website…  I will post the link here when it becomes available…  I hope it came out OK – I hate talking in front of a camera…

UPDATE:  well, they didn’ t use any of my plugs for Hearts With Haiti, and they kind of twisted a few things I’d said, but hopefully it will still help in getting attention – and help to bring him home…  Here’s the link:



  1. I thought you did very well. The ability to show several photos of D was the heart of the story.

    Just saw (8:06am) on CNN the State department is relaxing restrictions on adoptions.

    Wish there was more media for St. Joe’s and Wings – not that any of the orphans are unimportant but “our kids” face additional needs and challenges.

    Zach is a captive audience for CNN right now – he’s at BayState – said to tell you he’s jealous of your NECN interview. He said to add why you instead of him! He also says he as a lot in common with D -“both of us were orphans, good looking, smart, and have moms that love us very much!”

    Zach also says to send hugs to KC and his buddies from St. Joe’s – especially Sonji.

  2. What a wonderful interview. You did a great job – I can’t believe there is anyone that saw that and was not moved to do something. Our family is thinking of you and all the families at Wings of Hope. You are all in our prayers everynight.

  3. Cathy, thinking of you and Delmace often. We have friends in CA who are also in the process of adopting a little boy named Stevenson, who I think is about the same age as Delmace. The husband is an ER doc and in Haiti now to help with medical care as well as to try to get their son out. I really hope that you will be granted the opp to get Delmace out as part of this humanitarian release. Thinking of you both. Love, Kathleen

  4. Cathy –
    Great interview – the Sunday Globe article was also wonderful. I hope these both become tools to speed the process for you. I just started reading your blog last week and have to stop checking it at work because I cry just looking at the picture of the two of you. You write so eloquently, so beautifully about the cost of this separation.
    I carry a picture in my head of the two of you, laughing, playing, doing preciously-mundane daily life tasks, talking with each other about these hard days as a distant memory. And when he’s older and can understand the words you’ve written in this blog, he’ll weep, too, awed by the power of a mother’s love. Hang in there, dear, and thanks for sharing this complicated journey with all of us.
    – tina

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