Posted by: Cathy | January 30, 2010

Prayers For Ronel…

Please take a minute and read this blog entry… Say a prayer for Ronel and his family… Delmace – and many, many other kids in Haiti, are caught in the same situation… Don’t believe everything you hear about UNICEF – they are FAR from beings “friends” of international adoption…



  1. Cathy:
    We will absolutely call and write to do whatever it takes to get D home.

    This is absurd – this is not a set of kids like in Romania at the fall of Czescu – policies have been followed – these kids have been previously identifies – let these policies adhere to those children identified as orphans post 1/12/10 – that may not be orphaned.

    The kids at St/ Joe’s and Wings are not “newly” abadoned – they are the inwanted – even to open adoptions internationally – these children will not be high on most people’s list – you and I know well parents of special needs kids are a special group – by birth, adotion or circumstance.

    We pray every night for D and the other kidss at Wings – Zach put 2 days of lunch money in the bucket at Cotting’s basket ball game – Raffle tix for the Sox went fast – alas – we did not wee – its all Zach’s fault – he’s dating a – I can’t say it – a Y fan –

    Know that you and D are in our prayers always
    Kathy and Zach

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