Posted by: Cathy | February 5, 2010

Some Photos from Delmace’s Journey Home…

Hanging out at the Embassy... Enjoying the balloon animals made by some volunteers...

Delmace with Ronel and his dad, Ernest at the Embassy... From what I understand, Ronel and Ernest finally made it HOME yesterday!!!!

Sleeping on the military transport plane (from Haiti to Miami) with Renee

Me and D finally reunited at the children's home in Miami!!!

In car in Miami, after leaving children's home...

Me & D on plane from Miami to Charlotte (layover)...

Delmace sleeping on plane from Charlotte to Boston

First minutes at home in his new room...

First breakfast...

Cool dude, riding his Plasma car in the kitchen...

First bath - took me a while to convince him the water wasn't cold...

Sleeping in Mama Cathy's bed with Wally & "Benny Chat"



  1. Cathy –
    Thanks so very much for sharing these – you’ve both been in my head for days – the pics are a lovely way to share the joy with all of us.
    Delmace –
    Welcome home, buddy. We’re all so happy that you’re here! And you’ll learn to love snow – trust me on this one …
    – Tina

  2. Welcome home D!

    We love the photos – espcially the shades with the car – all boy! We have been thinking about you since we got the word on Tuesday! So happy for you both!

    So happy you are finally home with Mama Cathy! You have so much to explore and look forward to. Pretty soon you and mom will be able to see Wally in person!


    Hey D
    Glad Youre Home buddy! Yankees yuck!
    From Zach.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing the awesome pictures!! I used to let my girls ride their bikes around the house…they loved it. There must be a BIG PARTY to welcome Delmace and you to motherhood…your life will never be the same!!!

    You are in our thoughts and prayers!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing your blog with me! I love the pictures and he looks soooooo happy!!! I absolutely adore that little guy and will miss him when I go back to Haiti! But, can’t wait to follow him through your blog! It will be much easier than if he was back in Haiti. Bless your heart!

    Heather Blake

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