Posted by: Cathy | February 7, 2010

Me & D in the Boston Globe – the “follow-up”…

Hanging out & talking with Kevin (who wrote the columns about us)...

This is the link to Kevin Cullen’s follow-up column about Delmace’s journey home:

I am so incredibly happy to have Delmace home with me – almost a year earlier than I had ever imagined (pre-earthquake)…  And I am so grateful to the people who did so much to get him here (and get me to him) – Renee, Diana, Lucy, Dede – I couldn’t have done this without each one of you…

No matter how happy I am right now though, I cannot allow myself to forget the situation in Haiti…

Haiti is still hurting.  Haiti is still broken.  Haiti still needs our help to recover and rebuild for the future. Without our help, Haiti’s future looks bleak…  Please continue to spread the word and encourage people to donate to the relief efforts in Haiti…  The organization that supports the homes in Haiti that are close to my heart is:

Please don’t turn your back on the people of Haiti…


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