Posted by: Cathy | June 22, 2012

The Little Violinist

Delmace was involved in a wonderful music program this year. Project Step is super program, co-sponsored by Boston Symphony Orchestra. They target what they feel are “under-represented communities” in the field of classical music and make their programs available to studenst who are African American, Hispanic, or Native American. Delmace participated in their first introduction program for Kindergarten age kids – Focus I all winter and spring – and had a wonderful time. In addition to their weekly classes, they got free tickets to the Symphony, and were exposed to a number of other performances featuring all kinds of music. From the original 80 kids in Focus I, 25 were selected to participate in Focus II – a 4 week intensive introduction to string instruments (either violin or cello). Delmace was lucky enough to get picked for this, and for the past several weeks, he’s been getting first class instruction, 3 times a week on violin. It’s been a ton of work – but so totally worth it… The lessons and the violin rental have been provided free of charge – which is amazing, and it has allowed Delmace to have this experience and decide if it’s something he’d like to continue without me spending a ton of money for something he decides he doesn’t like. He says he likes it – and wants to continue 🙂 So, I guess we will be looking into private lessons in the fall.

D violin

Delmace, the little violinist


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