Posted by: Cathy | June 26, 2012

First full day in Haiti!

We are here, safe & sound – and very tired from all the travel… Yesterday, Delmace got a hero’s welcome when he arrived at Wings – lots of the kids were waiting for us and ran out to greet the van, yelling his name!  It was a little overwhelming for him with everyone grabbing at him & speaking to him in Creole, and he doesn’t remember everyone’s name – and I think he feels a little bit scared…  But he was better when we went over to the kid’s house today, and enjoyed playing with a few of his old pals.

Today also involved more travel, as we did a road trip to Trinity House in Jacmel, the third home in the St. Joseph’s Family.  Delmace knew several of the kids who live there, as they used to live at Wings…  We also got to see all the kids at the school they run, Lekol Sen Trinitie on their last day of school before summer break.  That was really neat – I’ve never been there when school was in session, so it was fun to see all the kids in their classes, and see the new computer center.  Delmace went in & visited the Kindergarten class of kids that were all around his age.  He was nervous at first, but then he sat down at a table  and pulled out his toy jeep to show to a little boy sitting next to him, and they just started playing together 🙂  He also handed out candy to all the kids in the class – which made him very popular!

Delmace sitting on a “moto” at Trinity with old pal Nikola standing behind him…

With kids in the Kindergarten class at Lekol Sen Trinitie

Handing out candy…

Playing on the computer in the computer lab with old pal, LouLou.


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