Posted by: Cathy | June 27, 2012

Rhythm sticks, candy, and “machines”…

Today was a “hanging out at Wings” day – before another big travel day tomorrow (the annual Wings Beach trip)… This morning, Delmace & I went over to the kid’s house early enough to help feed breakfast – well, he played, I fed… And then later on, he joined one of the classes of kids who were doing an activity with drumming & rhythm sticks (right up his alley)… He LOVED doing the drumming with the kids – and the fact that the class was being taught by Gephte, the guy who Delmace considers to be his “Papa”, was an extra added bonus. After the class Delmace got to hand out more candy – and he made sure everyone got some… For the kids who couldn’t eat the “Smarties”, he passed out lollipops.  After lunch, KC pulled out all the Plasma cars, bikes, and other “machines” and Delmace had a blast driving around all afternoon with about 10 other kids 🙂 Here’s a few shots from today…

Delmace & Steve

Delmace drumming…

Delmace & Papa Gephte

Delmace & Steve racing “machines”…


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