Posted by: Cathy | June 29, 2012

Wings Beach Trip 2012

The annual Wings Beach Trip is the day the kids here wait for ALL year long…  The anticipation starts to build as soon as the summer season “officially” starts, and the questions are asked multiple times a day – “When are we going to the beach?”, “Is the beach trip tomorrow?”, “Who is coming to go to the beach with us?”  I think this is probably my sixth beach trip – and they have all been a ton of work, a ton of fun, and a totally exhausting experience…  Today was no different.  All the kids were up, dressed, and fed, bright and early – and waiting along the wall by the driveway for the 4 rented vans to show up.

Delmace & Steve waiting for the vans to arrive

As soon as the vans arrived,  the squeals of delight and excited yells really went into overdrive!  After cramming in all the kids, adults, boxes of towels & swim toys, a bunch of wheelchairs, and assorted odds & ends, we were off! Our destination this year was a beach club north of Port-Au-Prince called “Ouanga Bay”. After a quick (seriously, this really did NOT take as long as it seemed to take in previous years) 2 hours, we arrived at the beach club. The place was adequate for our needs, the beach was pretty nice – although a bit rocky (we have yet to find a true sandy beach in this area), but the people running the place were super nice 🙂

On the beach at Ouanga Bay

The kids all had a total blast splashing about in the water for hours! Delmace loved the warm water, and the fact that he didn’t need a life-jacket this year… He now (thanks to his swimming lessons) has enough confidence to swim around with just some arm floaties for a little extra support. He didn’t even want me to hold on to him most of the time 🙂 We were also served a great Haitian luncheon – which Delmace wouldn’t eat half of, but what can I say, he’s a picky eater!

Delmace playing in the sand

Delmace and I were also lucky to score a boat ride with 2 guys passing by in a row boat! They were super nice, and took us down to a neighboring pier to look at some sort of ferry boat that Delmace was interested in… But I think the highlight of the day for Delmace, was getting to ride on a jet ski!  Renee hired this guy with a jet ski to give all the kids rides – and a bunch of adults, too… Delmace was SO excited when it was his turn!  When he got off, all he kept saying was, “Did you see me, Mom? I went so super FAST!!!  I was even faster than Lightning McQueen! (and that’s saying something in his book)… All in all, a great beach trip for D and all the kids at Wings…

Delmace on the jet ski!


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