Posted by: Cathy | July 7, 2012

Week #2 – Just Being Here in Haiti…

This week has been a mixture of quiet, laid back time – just being here at Wings and playing with the kids, and crazy, hectic, chaotic times, as a very large group of visitors descended on Wings Friday afternoon…  We also had little to no internet service for 3 days – which has contributed to the whole “just hanging out” thing…

After a very busy weekend, we were sad to have to drive our friends Dede, Ginny, Ele, and Katja to the airport on Tuesday to head back to Boston…  We were also sad to drive Delmace’s buddy, Dad, home after spending 2 days & nights with us at Wings.  The houses, although always full of noise and activity, seemed quiet to me after these departures…

Delmace and Dad watching a movie before bed…

Delmace and our friend Tommy playing mancala… Tommy also spent time with us at Wings last weekend…

Delmace and Dad playing on the front porch of Dad’s house when we went to take him home

Delmace has been spending more and more time playing with the other kids – which is great…  He is feeling more comfortable in his surroundings, and is truly enjoying just hanging out with the Wings kids.  The other day, he successfully convinced 4 of the older boys to play some sort of ball game with him…  He had them all sitting in a line on the patio, and he was rolling, kicking or throwing balls to them and then directing them to either toss them back to him or pass them to another person…  It was cute – and they were all having such a good time 🙂

Delmace playing ball with Steve, Erique, Pierre, and Jozye

Delmace and Frank Ely playing “machines” and “motos”

He also likes to come over to the kids’ house at dinner time, when I go to help feed some of the more disabled kids…  He likes to sit on the balcony off the girls’ dorm room and entertain kids as they finish eating…  He brings over small toys to share with the kids, or sings songs for/with them… The other day, he brought over his iPod and was teaching kids how to play some of his games.

Delmace showing some of his toy cars to Sam…

On Wednesday, we celebrated July 4th with Wings kids.  We hung red, white, and blue decorations, and served them an “American” meal – hot dogs, chips, juice, cupcakes, and ice cream.  Everyone had a wonderful time!

Marhitza and John, at the 4th of July party

Delmace giving Delome a ride around the patio during the 4th of July party

The past two days have been more hectic – with about 20 high school kids and their chaperons here…  Delmace has enjoyed having a ton of teenage girls to charm, and I have enjoyed having other people to do stuff with him!  All in all, it’s been a pretty good week – and we have even managed to do some school work this week, which will make Delmace’s Kindergarten teacher happy…  We promised his teacher from this past year that we’d keep working over the summer, on skills that he needed to be “a bit better at” before first grade…  So, this picture is for you, Ms. Foley 🙂

Delmace’s journal page about time spent with his friend, Dad

Hope everyone at home had a great 4th!  We miss you all – but we are having a great time just being here…


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