Posted by: Cathy | July 13, 2012

Taco Day!

Several months ago, as we were eating dinner one night and talking about our summer trip to Haiti, Delmace asked me if the kids at Wings ever got to eat Tacos (his favorite dinner)… I told him that I seriously doubted it – and went on to say that they pretty much ate the same meals almost every single day – and that their main meal was typically rice and beans (never a favorite meal of his – even when he lived in Haiti)… He thought about that for a few minutes, and then announced, “I have an idea, Mom – we need to bring Tacos for the kids in Haiti!” I told him we couldn’t bring Tacos, but maybe we could make them for the kids one day. I figured maybe he’d forget about this and I’d be off the hook for this Taco extravaganza, but every time we had Tacos for dinner, he’d remind me.

So, today was “Taco Day” at Wings of Hope. Today, Delmace and I prepared Tacos for all 31 kids who live here, and for every single worker who was there today! We had a major Taco assembly line going. I cooked the meat and veggies, and filled the shells. Delmace helped to lay out paper plates, and then put Taco sauce and cheese on each Taco.

Delmace and I making Tacos for everyone

Some friends from our church in Boston had given us some money the day before we left on our trip and told us to do something fun with/for the kids at Wings. They said maybe an ice cream party, or anything else we wanted – but we’d already done an ice cream party the first week we were here… And then, we had ice cream again at our 4th of July party… So, Ann and Mark, in case you are wondering what we did with that money, you guys funded the Taco feast today – and it was a BIG success 🙂

Ready to serve!

None of the kids had ever eaten Tacos before – but they all LOVE food, so they were quite eager to dive in and give them a try… Some of the staff were a bit more apprehensive, but everyone tried them, and I think most people ended up liking them… And, Alcindor, the guy who cooks all the food for the kids, gave Delmace the best compliment when he told him that they delicious 🙂

John, enjoying his Tacos…

Delmace and Jozye enjoying their Tacos…

Delmace was really happy that everyone liked them – and that it was his idea, and that it worked! I must admit, I’d been a bit skeptical about making Tacos for the kids – but it was really fun, and it was something different for them… Everyone deserves a little variety in their diet!



  1. Hi Cathy- we love seeing all these pictures and reading about your and Delmaces’s adventures. Those tacos like good! Maureen and Will

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