Posted by: Cathy | July 19, 2012

Random Stuff from our Time at Wings…

After many, many attempts, I finally got my blog to load this afternoon…  Hopefully this good connection will last until I finish this post!  The following are just some random photos and reflections from various activities over the past week…

Music/Dance Party Day:

Every Friday is Music & Dance day at Wings…  On this day, instead of their regular activities, all the kids and staff gather on the big open patio, and there is TONS of drumming, singing, and of course – dancing 🙂  Delmace LOVES this day.  He loves to play the big drum with his “Papa” and the other guys.  He loves to show off his break dancing moves. And he loves to just race around the patio in BIG circles in his wheelchair… All of the kids at Wings love this day too!  It is such a joyous time for all of them – and everyone is celebrated, whether it is Pierre or Steve being applauded for their drumming skills, or Carline or Tigga for their dancing, or Josephine for her singing, or any of the others for some sort of contribution to the celebration… It is loud and lively and totally entertaining – for everyone!

Delmace drumming during Music & Dance morning

Delmace and Papa Gephte with drums

Shopping Extravaganza Day:                                            

Renee calls this event the “second most anticipated of the year” – surpassed only by the annual Beach Trip! On this day, over half the kids got to go down to Port-au-Prince and go shopping and out to lunch.  Each kid was paired with a volunteer (of their choosing), and given about $25 dollars to spend at the store – on whatever they wanted. Some kids bought food – cereal and candy are always popular choices; others bought toys, or water bottles; but by far the most popular item this year was radios… All kinds of radios – radios with built in flashlights, radios with headphones – some which had straps to attach to your arm, others with cords to hang around your neck. My partner, Jozye, had his own list though – he wanted an electronic, hand-held game, and extra headphones for his CD player, so that’s what we got. Delmace, of course, bought a race car and sports balls (no big surprise there)! After shopping, we all headed across the street to have lunch at “McEpi” – a Haitian version of McDonald’s meets Subway meets Baskin-Robbins… After everyone had gorged themselves on some of many treats available, we all piled back into the vans – and made it safely back to Wings just before a big afternoon rain storm!

Delmace & Jozye in our very full shopping cart!

Delmace’s journal page about shopping day

Toy Cars:                                                                                                                                  

Delmace has been having a great time passing out the many toy cars we brought down with us… Some were new cars he purchased with his birthday money, some were ones of his that he “donated”, and we also had a whole bag donated by one of the kids in my class at school (thanks, Will)… We have been quite successful at spreading out the toy supply. Things (toys included) have a tendency to get “lost” or broken very easily here – but are enjoyed immensely while they last… Delmace and all the kids have enjoyed many afternoons playing cars and trucks on the patio 🙂

Steve with a toy car from Will

Steve, Delmace, Jozye, and Josephine playing cars

Delmace and Jozye with their construction vehicles in the dirt

Electronic Games, Haircuts, & Kittens:                                                                      

Just a few random photos from this past week…

Delmace and Lazar playing with Delmace’s iPod… All the kids LOVE his iPod 🙂

Delmace getting his haircut by Jean Rodain… Delmace said the people who cut his hair in Boston need to take a lesson from Jean Rodain – and I agree!

The 4 kittens that we heard crying over a week ago – but couldn’t find where the Mama kitten had them stashed… Turns out they were in a large Rubbermaid container full of construction paper! 3 gray tiger stripe ones, and 1 all white – Delmace has named them all 🙂

We have just under 2 weeks left in Haiti – I can’t believe how fast time is flying! There are still a number of things we’d like to do… Delmace has some special shopping requests we need to take care of – gifts for some special friends back home… We still haven’t made it to horseback riding with the kids yet – but are supposed to be going next Thursday (so hopefully I’ll be able to post some great photos from that! Delmace is looking forward to seeing Paco (who is the horseback instructor), who he met in Boston last summer… Paco told him when he came back to Haiti he’d let him ride one of the horses – and Delmace is ready to hold him to that!  And we are really hoping to spend some more time with Delmace’s best friend in Haiti, Dad (Dodd) and his family…


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