Meet Delmace

Delamce @ 22 months – the first trip that I met him

When I first met Delmace (in February of 2008), he was about 22 months old, and living at Wings of Hope, in Fermathe, Haiti.  Wings of Hope is a home for abandoned children and young adults with disabilities.  It is one of three homes in the St. Joseph’s Family – the other two homes are: St. Joseph’s Home for Boys, in Port au Prince, and Trinity House, in Jacmel.  Both of these homes are for abandoned boys – many of whom are former restaveks (child slaves).  To learn more about the St. Joseph’s Family and all of their wonderful initiatives in Haiti, please visit their website:


Riding on his little car; June 2008


Showing off the Owls’ Nest golf shirt my sister Sharon sent him 🙂 8/09


Independent mobility! Showing off his new wheelchair; June 2009


Modeling his Red Sox hat – already knows how to say “Go Red Sox!” 2/09

I began to pursue adoption of Delmace in February of 2009, and was well into the process when the earthquake occurred in January of 2010.  Delmace was able to leave Haiti 3 weeks after the earthquake.  He is now totally a Boston boy…  He loves pizza, the Red Sox, and fast cars.  But he always has a heart for Haiti, and wants to give some of what he has to friends he left behind.  This year, for his birthday party when he turned 6, he didn’t ask for presents for himself – instead, he asked people to give him gift cards so he could buy toys & gifts to take to his friends in Haiti.  He’s a special kid – in more ways than one…

Here’s some photos from 2010-2012…
Pirate boy

Turning 6 & ready for his Pirate Birthday Party



  1. What a handsome guy!!

  2. such a cutie pie!

  3. Cathy-

    I had the great pleasure of meeting Delmace this past summer while working with the kids at Wings and St Joe’s. He was so easy to fall in love with and I am so thrilled to hear he has a loving mother waiting to bring him to a loving home in the states. My first thoughts this week after the quake went to Wings and the kids. Prayers for a rapid reunion for the two of you and an easing of the legal process to allow Delmace to join you in the states!

    • Thanks, Ryan… keep praying… maybe something good can come out of this terrible tragedy…

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